We Robot 2022

University of Washington

September 14-16

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News & Updates

Since its inception in 2012, this interdisciplinary conference has brought together leading scholars and practitioners to discuss legal and policy questions relating to robots.

Our logo was inspired by the original theatrical poster for Karel Čapek’s play R.U.R.

✧ Awards Announcement ✧

Every year, We Robot recognizes select papers that stand out among the rest. These awards, designated in honor and remembrance of Ian Kerr, recognize emerging scholars’ innovative contributions to robotic law and policy. We are excited to publicly announce that the We Robot 2022 top paper award recipients were Bhargavi Ganesh and Daniel Hinkle!

Bhargavi’s paper, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: Steamboat Accidents and their Lessons for AI Governance,” written in collaboration with Stuart Anderson and Shannon Vallor, situates existing proposals for AI governance within the framework of federal interventions for steamboat accidents in the mid-1800s. Daniel’s work, “Tales from The Sausage Factory: Three Case Studies on State Legislation Regarding Robots,” draws on lessons learned from laws and ordinances put in place for three different cases of automation and considers the role that robot developers play in regulating emergent technologies.

Congratulations to both recipients!